Nirebo Motel Echuca

There is no better start to a wonderful day than a great breakfast.  You will love the local café culture here, all with in walking distance of your door. Essen food and wine, johnny and Lyles, sweat meadow and Odd captain all offer a great range of breakfast and Lunch experiences.

To continue your dining Experience head next door to the American Hotel,  Echuca’s premium Hotel. featuring Multiple areas such as the classic hotel, Rooftop and Harry o’s BBQ it offers something for everyone .  We Highly recommend other venues such as Sunago, the Mill, Antonio’s, Opa and Morrisons Winery.

For your Motel Accommodation, when you stay at the Echuca Nirebo Motel you place yourselves in the caring hands of knowledgeable hosts. The Oberin Family are passionate about sharing their attraction-rich surroundings and exclusive yet affordable accommodation when you choose their motel for your family holidayvisiting local Echuca attractions or attending local events with great Accommodation Specials and Deals also available.

The Oberin family and staff are dedicated to making your stay one to remember, whether you are visiting Echuca for business or pleasure. They have chosen Echuca as their home and have incredible local knowledge to help you plan exciting explorations.

Most importantly, we believe that style, comfort and convenience should be affordable to all. So you can revel in a superior private room with modern conveniences. Not to mention fabulous facilities for business or leisure. All this – and it won’t break the bank.

Nirebo Motel Echuca

Our Echuca accommodation offers the ultimate blend of comfort and convenience.

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